The Light and Samson Projects - Northeast India

ShareWorld Global (SWG) and Good News For Everyone! in Northeast India

Giorgio Gori, Vice President of Global Development, ShareWord Global, reports on the joint mission of ShareWorld Global (SWG) and Good News For Everyone! to provide Bibles in Northeast India.

A Christian professor from the local seminary is considering giving up his teaching post to take over the house church [visited by Bill and Grace] and teach the lady pastor because she has no theological experience. Imagine that – a vibrant, growing, thriving church with a person who has had no training or theological education!

During the service the pastor asked people who had recently (last month) been baptized to stand up – seven people rose to their feet. She explained that they had received a Light magazine as their first piece of Christian literature and they devoured each page. But they longed for a full Bible. So they sent off their names to Samson because they knew that he was one person who could get Bibles to them and sure enough, with the money collected by generous donors in Canada, all seven of these believers (and everyone else in the church) received their own copy of God’s Word. They held them up proudly, their faces beaming because they had the Word of the Living God in their hands and hearts. 

On another occasion when Grace handed out the Light magazines to each lady, they were asked for a thought or comment about the magazine. The queue stretched almost right around the stage. In fact after about the 12th person the pastor had to ask that no more come forward because it was just getting too much. And almost every person said how blessed they were to receive such an attractive publication. They all believed they could share it with confidence with people who were unsaved.

One teacher said that she will take the magazine to school and read it in a public place because there is no doubt that people will ask her what she is reading because it is so glossy and well done. That’s when she’ll be able to share both the magazine and the gospel with work colleagues.

One afternoon we went to a Methodist School to share the Light magazine with about 300 children. Only about 20 per cent of the children are Christians so here was an opportunity for kids who would never have an opportunity to hear the gospel to not only hear about Jesus but to receive a gospel magazine to take home where other family members could see it and read it. Though time was short Bill was absolutely amazing from the stage. He captured the kids imagination and attention immediately and they responded to his offer of the magazine. Every child in that school got a copy of the Scriptures – now can you please join us in prayer that the seeds that were planted today will bear fruit.

I have been on four Samson distributions. To see pastors come together, some from five hours away, just to receive Bibles for their congregations was life-changing. And meeting Samson was just extraordinary – what a humble, lovely man who for six years laboured collecting names of people who wanted Bibles but had no idea how he would provide them.

Samson has recorded and verified details, and the administration that goes into account for every Bible and for every penny invested is nothing short of amazing. Any major donor or Foundation would be thrilled to see the stewardship that is invested in ensuring everything tallies up and the Bibles get into the hands of the most needy.

Then Samson shared a concern with me. Two years ago he began collecting names in Uttar Pradesh (UP), the most militant Hindu nationalist state. We have consistently told Samson that it is too dangerous to take members and donors to UP and so those Pastors have not had any of their requests fulfilled. This week Samson received a phone call from one of these pastors asking why they were still waiting while other states were getting their Bibles. Samson’s reply was: “just trust God.”

When he told me that I felt moved by God’s Spirit to give Samson the go-ahead to print 20,000 Bibles for UP this year and to go ahead with the distribution using only Philip as a support. Samson nearly broke down in tears he was so happy! Good News For Everyone! were delighted to be able to send the money needed to pay for the 20,000 Scriptures Samson needed.

The Samson Project has impacted many thousands of people. What an opportunity for Canada and the UK to come together so we can create more life-changing stories!