About Us

The Gideons

We are a global family dedicated to introducing people to Jesus. We firmly believe that God’s Word has the power to change lives, so our one aim is to make the Bible available to everyone who does not yet have a copy.

Many know us best as an organisation that places Scriptures in hotels and schools around the world. It’s a simple act that we know has a profound impact on the lives of many people. Through Scripture, individuals develop a personal relationship with God. Each year we distribute around 90 million free copies of the Bible worldwide.

We’ve presented around 2 billion Scriptures since we started out in 1899, but our work is far from done. As a vibrant community of more than 300,000 members, we are as passionate as ever about sharing God’s message of hope and salvation. Our members, spread across 200 nations, support each other as they share their faith through conversations, friendship and by simply getting God’s Word into people’s hands.