Introducing everyone to the Lord Jesus Christ 

GOOD NEWS for Everyone! serves to introduce others to the Lord Jesus Christ by the placing, presenting and/or distributing Scriptures in many different areas of life, most often Testaments, which include the New Testament, Psalms and Proverbs, but also copies of the full Bible. 

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The Bible is a book all about God’s relationship with us. It offers us an opportunity to meet with Him and get the direction we need to live life to the full. The Bible has provided hope and inspiration for generations and continues to be a worldwide best seller, with sales outstripping any other book ever published.

The Bible is actually a collection of 66 different books and letters, written over a period of some 1,500 years up to about 100 years after Christ's death and resurrection. It is divided into the Old Testament (the first 39 books) and the New Testament (the last 27 books). The word 'testament' means covenant or agreement, so the Bible shows how God’s old agreement, based on the ‘covenant of law,’ is superseded by a new ‘covenant of grace' - as shown in The New Testament.

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Connexions 2022 - Birmingham - Book Your Place Now!

Connexions 2022


Connexions 2022


Connexions 2022Connexions 2022

Have these last two ‘pandemic’ years left you feeling a little disconnected from our Association? Do you long for that sense of true close fellowship, of being in a room with a great number of voices singing praises to our great God or praying with others, all with the same purpose in mind? Perhaps it is just chatting with others over a coffee - or even an ice cream that you miss the most!

CONNEXIONS is the new name for our National Convention as we seek to connect more deeply with our God and His precious Word, with His purposes for us, with one another, with our ministry partners and with those who have yet to hear the great news of our Saviour, Jesus Christ. We will be seeking to deliver the very best experience for those who join us for CONNEXIONS at the Hilton Birmingham Metropole Hotel and for those who take part online.



CONNEXIONS will be relaxed and informal. A shorter weekend, ending at Sunday lunchtime, and there will be more time for relaxation, to enjoy the hotel facilities and to avoid any sense of an overpacked programme. Some meals will be provided in a more relaxed, buffet format.

The well known and gifted Bible teacher, Robert Morgan, will bring us God’s Word, including a session on ‘The Christian’s approach to suffering’. Programme content will be wide and varied, continuing in the shorter format style which was so appreciated at the 2021 ‘Online only’ event. Our desire is to make all content relevant, encouraging, and practical. There will be far more relaxed opportunities for ‘in-person’ fellowship and the sharing of ideas, so please do make the extra effort to come along to Birmingham in person! If you can’t make it, please ensure you join online.

CONNEXIONS is open to members, Friends, church leaders and other supporters and I want to extend a very warm invitation to you all to come together for a weekend of great fellowship, blessing and encouragement; 29 April to 1 May 2022.


Robert Morgan

Robert J. Morgan is the teaching pastor of The Donelson Fellowship in Nashville, Tennessee, where he has served for over 40 years. He is also a best-selling writer with more than 35 books in print and approximately 5 million copies in circulation in multiple languages. Rob has appeared on numerous television and radio shows. He speaks widely at churches, conferences, schools, and corporate events.

Rob was also a homemaker and a caregiver for his late wife of 43 years, Katrina, who battled multiple sclerosis and passed away in November of 2019. He and Katrina have three daughters and sixteen grandchildren. They are co-owners of Roan Mountain Bed and Breakfast in Roan Mountain, Tennessee. In 2014, Rob was awarded an honorary Doctor of Divinity Degree from his alma mater, Columbia International University.

His hobbies include travelling, gardening, and cooking and lives in the Opryland area of Nashville, Tennessee. His ministerial experience includes working with the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, pastoring Harris Memorial Church in Greeneville, Tennessee as well as being a frequent speaker at Christian colleges, conferences, workshops, seminars, and churches


During the weekend there will be several encouraging sessions, including Bible teaching, testimonies of lives transformed through reading God’s Word, encouraging reports from around the country as well as internationally, and much other inspiring content.

Friday 29 April 8.00pm – 9.15pm
Saturday 30 April (morning) 9.30am – 11.00am; 11.30am – 12.30pm
Saturday 30 April (evening) 8.00pm – 9.30pm
Sunday 1 May (worship service) 9.30am – 11.00am; (closing session) 11.30am – 12.45pm

A ‘countdown video’ will start 15 minutes before each session is due to begin. There will be activity on Saturday afternoon for delegates who want something more than an afternoon off.


To access Connexions online simply go to or alternatively go to our website and click on the Connexions image, 15 minutes before each session is due to begin. You will be able to send in comments/greetings during the sessions, more information on this will be shared in due course.


Friday 29 April 9.30pm;
Saturday 30 April (morning) 8.15am;
Saturday 30 April (evening) 9.30pm;
Sunday 1 May – no Zoom but join the worship service at 9.30am.

Each Zoom session will last no longer than one hour. To register for a Zoom session simply get in touch through the Contact Page indicating which sessions you want to join, and you will be sent Zoom login details nearer the time. To give as much time as possible for organising the sessions, please register no later than Monday 28 February 2022. You can register for as many Zoom sessions as you want.


We have special sessions for our younger future members.

If you want to find out more about CONNEXIONS, please get in touch

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Connexions 2022Connexions 2022



National Convention 2021 Feedback

The National Convention 2021 was a fantastic event. Here are some comments made by attendees over the coarse of the online Convention:




National Convention 2021 Feedback


I wanted to let you know how much Iain and I were inspired by the Zoom conference. Everything about it gave glory to God and I believe, if our branch meeting last night was anything to go by that you have encouraged the whole Good News for Everyone family. Indeed, now the old has passed away and behold all things are new.

Wendy and Iain


Thank you to all those how organised this year’s virtual Convention. It was excellent and almost as good as being there in person.



I'm contacting you on behalf of the Hereford branch to thank you all for the dedication and hard work that must have been put in for the preparation of the weekend. We greatly appreciated so much, the evidence of the involvement of the younger generation, the teaching from Hugh, the testimonies and being brought up to date with our new partners. It was a time of celebration, challenge, and real encouragement. 

Ed and Polly


Just want to pass on my sincere thanks to all involved in the Convention 2021, very well done. The ministry, testimonies, reports, prayer times were a tremendous challenge and encouragement. There was a real sense of God's presence throughout the weekend.



The Convention was very encouraging and challenging.  We will be encouraging members who missed it to watch it on YouTube.  



Just to thank you all very much for the great Convention this past weekend. It was both challenging and inspiring. Even if it is held in person next year, I hope you will consider making it available online as well especially for those of us unable to attend.



A thoroughly well-deserved "Well Done" to you and your team for a splendid convention. Considering this was a "first " it had all the hallmarks of an online event that had been developed over many years.  I am encouraged by the input of younger people and it certainly indicated a new face and vision for the Ministry.



Just to say we thought the National Convention was brilliant.  So much hard work and amazing technology.  The testimonies and messages were very encouraging and challenging.  A huge effort on the part of many people and much appreciated.  It gave us a real sense of the geographical spread of our members too - but one in Christ. God bless you

Jennie and Peter


A huge congratulation for the Convention over this weekend to you and all the team involved. It was an inspirational convention. Thank you



A very big thank you to all concerned for an absolutely amazing National Convention and thanks to all you who were part of it in all the preparations. It was truly challenging and gives us all plenty to follow up in moving the ministry forward. So well balanced and covering all that is relevant to us in this Association currently and in the future!!



Congratulations on an excellent convention. I watched every session and it was excellent from start to finish. It was so good to see several of the staff involved as well as all the Exec. I thought Hugh was brilliant too. So, many thanks for all your input.