Feb 2021 - Magazines Bring Hope to Prisons

There are many people and organisations bringing hope to those in prison during these difficult days, when contact with loved ones is either non-existent or severely prohibited.

We were really encouraged to hear from the Warrington & Halton Branch how the HOPE magazines are blessing prisons in their area and we hope you enjoy reading more about this in the article below.

HOPE Magazine

We were further intrigued when we received Kirk Mallaburn’s testimony, in which he mentions about working with Junction 42, who also work with ex-offenders. So, we made further enquiries and Junction 42 kindly told us more about their work. 

In our Prayer Diary which members receive alongside the magazine (Become a Member Today), we encourage prayer for those in prison, ex-offenders and all who work with them. Let's also give grateful thanks for faithful Good News for Everyone members, many of whom volunteer as prison visitors, along with organisations such as Junction 42 who continue to minister to those who are seeking to find the right path in their lives.

HOPE magazines have been well received in both HMP Thorn Cross and HMP Risley. Here is an extract from an email received from Rev Shawn Verhey, Managing Chaplain at Thorn Cross.

"I wanted to say a huge thank you for helping us to get a hold of 50 copies of HOPE. This is probably one of the most powerful prison ministry resources that I have ever come across (up there with Alpha and Sycamore Tree).

When I read the HOPE magazine I could see instantly the bright colour images of the UK countryside and cities embossed with powerful Scriptures that speak into the great hope that the lost, the least and the broken have in the Living Word!

As well as both Old and New Testament Scripture verses, people can access the Gospel of John as well. I was showing my Governor how images and Scriptures could very easily be cut out and used by our residents to bring beauty and hope as part of their cell decor.

I have given each of our regulars a copy in their weekly “Preach Teach pack” (along with other resources) as well as placing copies on all seven residential units, and I have set up a display in the Gate House.

In these challenging Covid-19 days that can cause so much anxiety among our staff and residents, it is a tremendous privilege to share such a tangible expression of God’s hope. I hope and pray that there is some way of getting copies of HOPE into every UK prison. They are certainly of such high quality as to adorn the welcome area of any Church or Cathedral as well."

Thanks to Arthur Chapman of Warrington & Halton Branch for this article.