Partnership with Churches

As an Association we are dedicated to fulfilling the Great Commission in partnership with your church.  As such, we make Bibles and New Testaments available in many areas of everyday life where churches, denominations and other ministries, may not be able to go.



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The Church is the very foundation of our ministry. To be a member of the Association requires someone to be a member of a local church. It is on behalf of churches that we place and present God’s Word all over the world.  As many would say, we act as a missionary arm of the Church.

When we have the joy of seeing people come to faith in the Lord Jesus Christ through our outreach, we encourage them to attend a local Bible believing church. On the “My Commitment” page, which is found at the back of most of our Scriptures, are the words “After making your decision to receive Christ, we encourage you to join a local church, congregation or assembly that will assist you in growing as a new Christian by clear teaching from the Bible.”  We want to see your church membership added to in this way.


Sharing the HOPE Gospel Magazine in your community

One area in particular that we very much want to develop in partnership with your church is Gospel outreach to your local community.  To that end we have designed, in a colourful and eye-catching format, the HOPE magazine (request a sample copy) containing selected readings from the Psalms and the entire Gospel of John. These Gospel magazines are available in NIV 2011 and NLT translations.

HOPE Magazine

If you want to use HOPE magazines in personal evangelism in your local community, do let us know and we will ask our local members to get in touch and explain how that can be taken forward. 

We we would be happy to share about the ministry in your church to enthuse your congregation by sharing testimonies of men, women and young people who have come to faith in the Lord Jesus Christ through reading the Word of God. 

Please contact us if you are interested in having a visit to your church to share about our work.

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