GOOD NEWS for Everyone! at Bath Abbey
Bath Abbey

The city of Bath attracts thousands of visitors, particularly during the summer months, and many come through Bath Abbey. For two weeks each summer in August, Bath Branch set up a stall in the Abbey displaying the full range of GNFE Bibles & Testaments. We include foreign language Scriptures as well, in order to provide for international visitors. Chinese visitors are particularly keen to receive a Testament in their own language. The Abbey have allowed us to do this for many years as an annual event and we pray that God will prosper the sowing of the seed of His Word, that it may ‘not return to Him void.’

We have received many encouraging responses both from Christians and non-Christians, thanking us for the Testaments, and sometimes telling us that they became Christians, years ago, by reading a Testament. The following letter has really thrilled and encouraged us:  

“Visiting the Abbey was not part of my holiday plan in Bath. As a Cambridge graduate, I have not even stepped into my own College’s Chapel as I am a “free-thinker” given my Chinese background. I did, however, “weirdly” decide to visit the Abbey at the very last minute on Monday afternoon. I thought I would take some pictures and leave swiftly like I normally would but I stopped in front of a passage of prayers and couldn’t help but start to read out the prayers written on the board. On my way out, a gentleman offered me a free Bible - New Testament & Psalms - I accepted the kind offer by surprise as this again is not something I would normally do. 

I was actually in a lot of physical pain over the past few weeks but did not pray for my own health when I was at the Abbey because I took some painkillers before my visit, and I did not believe praying until today anyway. Something miraculous happened this evening: I felt a call from inside and started reading the Bible I was given for the first time in my life, and the physical pain I have been suffering from over the past few weeks just went away and it has been more than 15 hours since I last took my painkiller!! I simply can’t believe this! 

I cannot express how amazed and grateful I am, thus writing to you at 2am in the morning to say thank you, and the gentleman who offered me the Bible. I can certainly see myself getting more involved as a Christian. I would also be extremely grateful if you could keep me in prayers. I look forward to visiting the Abbey when I am in Bath next time”.