Czech Republic 2024
Czech Republic

Since the work in Eastern Europe – Serbia and North Macedonia – began a few years ago, much prayerful consideration has been given to starting a work in the Czech Republic (Czechia).  GOOD NEWS for Everyone! is already registered in the Czech Republic.  Last week, Graham Beckett and Iain Mair travelled to Prague where they met with Zeljko from Serbia and local Christian Brothers who are very keen to develop Czech language Hope magazines, in fact they have already started to raise funds for this project. 
God willing, the aim is to work with churches throughout Czechia, training and encouraging in personal evangelism, in much the same way as GO Mission Trips engage with churches in Chile, Peru, Kenya and other parts of the world. 

This project is in the very early stages, there is much to prayerfully consider, and we look to the Lord for His guidance on the way ahead.  Please remember Czechia in your prayers.