International Outreach

It is good to be reminded of the words of the Lord Jesus from Mark’s Gospel 16:15 “Go into all the world and preach the Gospel to all creation.”  By God’s grace, the generosity of members, Friends and other supporters has enabled GOOD NEWS for Everyone! to make a significant contribution to the following two overseas projects, as explained by Giorgio Gori, ShareWord Global President. 


Pastor Emelec, who has been blind since his teenage years, works in the Pucallpa region of Peru, deep in the Amazon jungle. He had an original vision of planting six churches but once he started using the Hope and Spark magazines, this target was quickly exceeded. He has thus far planted 15 churches but he is not giving up. He has motivated other pastors in his region to help by sharing ShareWord Global resources and encouraging them to do the work unhindered by the physical blindness that slows him down. And his fellow pastors have taken up the challenge. They are looking at planting 50 churches even though travel in the jungle is so difficult and the river communities are isolated.

ShareWord Global is preparing the following resources: 25,000 Hope magazines, 20,000 Spark magazines, 3,000 Full Bibles and 200 Audio Bibles.  £74,000 has been given to this project.

Pastor Emelec’s wife makes and sells traditional Peruvian bags and other items to raise funds for their work in the jungle.  Here she is with Jenny Mair, Rugby Branch, at a conference for church leaders held during the 2023 GO Trip to Peru.


The India project is to assist the displaced Christians from Manipur.  Last year, Christians were brutally attacked, churches and houses were burned, and to save themselves, these poor folk left the area and are being housed in informal settlements. Manipur is a state in the Northeast which has a Christian majority and is part of what Indians know as the “Seven Sisters". Due to their displacement, these Christians lost all their earthly possessions as they hurriedly escaped the violent Hindu mobs, yet many of them are asking for Bibles before any other worldly item. It is a desperate and heart wrenching situation. ShareWord Global is putting together a project called “The Sister States Project” to provide Scriptures to these displaced Christians.  £25,000 has been given to this project.

Peru Friday Update