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India is a dangerous place for Christians 

Christians across the country are facing persecution and violence for their faith. Churches are being burnt, pastors imprisoned, and believers attacked. 

One pastor told us he was locked up for his faith and, when he was released, his church had been destroyed. But he refuses to give up. He continues to preach the gospel, even in the face of danger.

This story of incredible faith is not unique. The frequency of attacks is increasing as Hindu extremists target religious minorities. In some states, anti-conversion laws have been introduced to limit the work of the church. 

God is at work

But in the face of unimaginable adversity, God is at work. He is using these trials to strengthen the faith of His people. And He is using them to draw people to Himself.

Earlier this year, GOOD NEWS for Everyone! held three conferences in India. More than 120 pastors and church leaders joined us at each. 

These brave Christian leaders were eager to receive training, encouragement and, crucially, Bibles. One pastor even made a gruelling 12-hour journey by bus and train to ensure he could get copies for his congregation.

Help us resource His Church

The passion and commitment of these fearless leaders is humbling. When asked what their greatest need was, their answer was unanimous: Bibles.

Pastors arrived at our conferences with long lists of new Christians who had no Bible of their own. Thanks to the generosity of our donors, we were able to resource all those who came. 

But there are hundreds of thousands of Christians across the country hungry for the Word of God. As it becomes more difficult to meet in large groups, it’s vital they have Bibles to use in their own homes.

Share God’s Word TODAY

Our vision is to get 100,000 Bibles to those who are desperate to know God’s love and purpose for their lives. And we need your help to do it.

For just £20 you buy five Bibles AND make sure they get to Christians in India. That’s barely £3.50 a Bible! Can you think of a better investment?

Right now, our brothers and sisters in India are facing financial hardship, isolation, and even death. We need to come together as the Body of Christ to support them.

Please consider making a donation to bring Bibles to our persecuted brothers and sisters.  

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Bibles for India
The faces have been deliberately blurred or altered to negate endangerment.


“I have been beaten by the police and Hindu extremists, I am constantly persecuted, I have been in prison many times, and there is an arrest warrant out for my arrest, but I serve the Lord with joy. I was once attacked by a mob who wanted to kill me for preaching the Gospel, but I will not stop. The judge ordered me to stop but I cannot stop.”




Bibles for India
The faces have been deliberately blurred or altered to negate endangerment.