For Your Encouragement
The Bible

Due to the heightened sensitivities in the country concerned we cannot be more specific about where this report has come from or who sent it to us but we trust you will be encouraged nonetheless about what God is doing around the world and the difference your support is making.

It was in the South East of the country, a small church but PACKED with pastors coming to receive the Bibles they had been waiting for. The dedication service began…. and it felt like it would never end! For us westerners it seemed like we would never get out but for these pastors it was a day of great joy and celebration and worship. They weren’t going to leave this place until they had thanked God for the gift of these Bibles. We westerners have lots of Bibles at home and we can buy them quickly and easily but for these poor brothers and sisters this was probably the only time they would ever receive this life-changing gift. 
I met a senior regional pastor, responsible for thousands of rural/tribal churches. He told me the persecution is unrelenting. Not just from the government but from the religious radicals who see Christianity as an unwelcome western influence. In fact, Christians are deemed an enemy of the state. Yet the church keeps growing - because Jesus brings hope and light into the darkness. But to help these new believers grow and put down solid roots of Biblical nourishment, they need a Bible. 
In 2016, we gave a rural tribe in the centre of the country the first 5,000 Bibles in their language. Today I was asked to provide 50,000 more Bibles because the church has grown so rapidly. Imagine, a 10x increase in just 7 years - that’s the power of Scripture. All thanks to God for visiting this rural tribe with His Word.