Ken and Jackie Rotter return to Bangladesh

Ken and Jackie Rotter  return to Bangladesh


Ken and Jackie Rotter (Leicester North) first joined Good News For Everyone (formerly Gideons International) in 1978 in Bangladesh. Ken was serving as Chief Engineer of The Marine Academy, training Merchant Navy Officers. In January this year they returned as guests of the present Commandant, whom Ken trained.

They had a two-hour meeting with the current 297 cadets and their instructors. A total of 333 cadets, instructors and alumni of The Marine Academy of Bangladesh personally received badged Testaments. Ken spoke about Mechatronics, showing how our trust in a creator God underpins so much of our understanding of how modern ships’ systems work, and reflected on Psalm 139.

“It was thrilling to discover how much detail of our lives in those years was fixed in people’s minds,” he says. “It is humbling to find out how much they remember of our ideas, example and behaviour from decades ago, which we cannot remember ourselves. In turn, their “salt” is having an evident impact on Bangladesh today, as Marine Engineers are now working with integrity in many sectors of industry and power generation and more.  Pray for this current generation who have just received God’s Word.”

Ken and Jackie were originally recruited by Brother Wong, who owned three restaurants and a tanning business in Chittagong. During their years in Bangladesh they had many opportunities to give out scriptures on campus (1975-80), and on re-joining the Gideon Camp in the capital, Dhaka (1988-89).