Partnering with Sports Chaplaincy UK

We are delighted to be working in partnership with Sports Chaplaincy UK to provide sports clubs of all kinds with Bibles for their players and staff, printed with the club’s badge on the front. With the club’s permission, and in conjunction with the Club Chaplain, we are pleased to have been able to support over 100 UK sports clubs so far in this way.


Bibles in Clubs

Sports Chaplaincy UK have over 500 Christian chaplains serving in sports clubs all across the UK helping people face the challenges of life; bereavement, tragedies, mental wellbeing, addictions, debt, injury setbacks, being dropped, being told you are no longer required, insecurities of contracts, relationship issues etc.


"My role involves supporting many different people associated with the football club, players and supporters. I am often asked to meet with families struggling to cope with illness or bereavement and often officiate at funerals or the scattering of ashes at the stadium. Having a badged Good News For Everyone! testament available to give freely enables me to direct attention to the One who brings hope, comfort and peace at a time when the fragility of life is more apparent. They are always warmly received.”