Andy's Story - Bibles for Prisons

Andy, a former prisoner, shares how a Bible in a prison cell impacted his life in a dramatic way.


“In August 2006, while in prison, I decided to take my own life.  My situation had become so hopeless I’d lost the will to live.  I had made a noose and decided to fix it up at the window then let myself hang to death."


Bibles in Prisons


"At that moment a quiet voice spoke to me “Just read that Bible.”  On the shelf sat a copy of the New Testament and Psalms placed by The Gideons.  I opened the book at the beginning of Matthew’s Gospel and started to read.

At Luke’s Gospel, the story of the lost son, my tears started to flow, my hopelessness disappeared and the wretchedness I had suffered went.  If no Bible had been in that prison cell, I would be in hell right now; instead of living my life in the joy of the Lord!”