Julian's Story - May 2020 - Bibles for Hospitals

In early May 2020 Julian was hospitalised with a serious chest infection and was awaiting a test result for Covid-19. Then, a couple of days later he was rushed to the emergency ward after collapsing.

"I was admitted to a ward and separated from my wife and family. I was afraid and my head was full of worry. I found your Bible in the draw, which led me to Psalm 91. It was like the world was lifted off my shoulders."

Bibles in Hospitals

Julian then received the result of the Covid-19 test. It turned out to be negative.

"I had a chest infection with an asthma complication. I prayed to God for help and mercy through his grace and since then things have gone from bad to amazing. What a recovery! I went home on Thursday that week. The guide at the front makes your Bible so very helpful, I didn’t want to be without it in my life. I saw it and I took it home. I am so grateful, God bless you all."

- Julian from Watford