Bryan's Story - Bibles For Hospitals

My name is Bryan. I am in Peterborough City Hospital facing my judgment after a diagnosis of cancer.

Last week I received a Bible when at a low point in my faith. The Bible has been an experience that I did not expect. I have been reading it all the time. It has talked to me, lifted me up in my darkest hour and I feel the love pouring from its pages. My soul is rejuvenated in God’s love and I am reading the Bible with a passion that before had eluded me.

Bibles for Hospitals

I have not previously given my love to Jesus and have not worshipped as I should. I slipped in my life and I repent. I give my love to the Lord God and to His son Jesus Christ. I have felt a love I only felt for family. God is my Father. I love Him. I wish I knew Him sooner, but it is not too late.

In my darkest hour God has given me light and I go towards it happy that my path is laid out. Only God knows what comes next. I will spread this love all the days of my life to others who are wallowing in the dark but crying for the light.

God bless you and Amen

Kindest regards

Bryan White