Abigail's Story - Bibles for Schools

"Thank You"

Hi, I wanted to thank you for your commitment to sharing the Gospel in schools. In 1985, as a young Hindu girl in her 1st Year at the Heathcote School in Stevenage, Hertfordshire I heard the Gospel for the first time from a man who spoke about the Good Samaritan. I remember singing "when I needed a neighbour, were you there?" As we piled out of the assembly we were handed a red New Testament and Psalms which I treasured and kept in my school bag and read during lunchtimes and sometimes by myself in my bedroom at home.

One day, a few years later my dad found my New Testament and threw it away. However, in 1992 I gave my life to Jesus and am now married to a wonderful Christian man, with 2 boys who are also born again and baptised. We all serve together at our church. To this day, I still talk about the Gideons and my New Testament and Psalms. I am still praying for my Dad's salvation. Recently we went to Sherborne and inside the Abbey they had the GOOD NEWS for Everyone! New Testament and psalms for people to take freely. I picked one up although I have now read the whole Bible through!

I just wanted to thank you and to encourage you to carry on doing the great work you are doing. Galatians 6v9