Sita’s Story - Bibles for Schools

Sita* is in the 7th grade and recently received a copy of the Spark magazine from a local pastor. She spends her evenings after school with her father, who is currently in a hospital with cancer. After finishing her studies, like the diligent student she is, she pulled out her Spark magazine and worked on the puzzles inside. What she didn’t realize was that her father was watching her. He didn’t know about Jesus and was confused by what he saw his daughter working on.

After a few days of watching, he asked Sita to explain the 12 Truths he saw in her magazine. “God saved you by His grace when you believed. And you can’t take credit for this; it’s a gift from God,” she told him after going through each of the truths. And for the first time, he asked Sita to pray for him.

Despite the persecution and difficulties in getting resources into this country, the Gospel is bringing families together. It is strengthening the faith of believers and it is changing lives. Your support makes it possible to reach people like Sita. Even in the face of persecution, the light of the Gospel shines bright.

*The name has been changed and we have not mentioned the name of the country for security reasons.